Friday, October 28, 2011

YouTube Videos

Hello everyone,

Well we finally made a YouTube channel to keep up with our patients who have been video blogging their weight loss.

Here's the channel link if you would like to subscribe to our channel and we can do the same in return.

Thanks and Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Patient of the Week: Joe Luna

Words cannot express the love that we have for our clients, you are all the reason why we are so passionate about BeliteWeight and the services it provides. That being said, we have decided to dedicate posts throughout the week to outstanding people who have used BeliteWeight's services to begin a new healthier, happier life.

This week we wanted to feature a gentleman who has won the hearts of every person at BeliteWeight (including the surgeons)! Joe Luna had his surgery about 3 months ago at the Tijuana location has lost about 87 lbs. and is still on his way down. Below are Joe's photos and weight loss story:


I was an eating machine, a food-addict, the “big guy” at work; I lived to eat. I knew I needed to make a change and I could not do it alone. This is when I found BeliteWeight. My patient facilitator and I discussed and decided that the Vertical Gastric Sleeve procedure was the perfect fit for me. Going into this surgery in Mexico, I never knew the outcome would ever lead me to meeting such a great group of people, now whom I call friends. When you arrive, you are picked up by Alberto, who was an absolute blast. He loved his country and showed me how wonderful it truly is. The doctors are there for you through it all, when I needed something, the nurses and doctors would be at my hospital bed in less than 30 seconds. It’s this type of personalization that makes everything perfect.

In one month, I went from a size 60 to a 52 and I keep losing. It makes me really ask myself, what did I do to get to this way and was it ever worth it. I would take at least 4-6 Advil every day for pain and ever since the day of my surgery, I have not take any pain pills. If you’re miserable and uncomfortable, this surgery and the people at BeliteWeight takes this away and gives your confidence back and now, I am paying it forward.

Friday, September 30, 2011


TGIF! We all hope you have a good weekend :) 

Don't Wait, BeliteWeight! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Monday!

Let's face it.. It's sometimes hard to get up from that warm, comfy bed to start that Monday morning, knowing that you will not (MAYBE) get a break until that Friday evening. I want to make your Monday a little better by sharing a collection of some beautiful photos and thoughts that help remind me how wonderful this world is and how amazing life truly is. I hope you enjoy! :)

So what is the one thing you will do today? Make yourself a promise to accomplish that thing.

At BeliteWeight we want you to live your life to the fullest and if your weight is inhibiting you from doing this, we can help. Give us a call today and you will be set up with a patient facilitator who will not only educate you on the different surgeries, but assist you every step of the way in your weight loss journey. If you are a previous patient, keep us updated on how you are doing!

It's a gorgeous Monday, start it right by making the step to a better, healthier life today.. Don't Wait, BeliteWeight!

Love to all,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Mexico Independence Day!

Hello all,

We're here in Tijuana this week and today is Mexico's Independence Day....

Here's some photos:
Dr. Reyes, all scrubbed up for surgery.

Dr. Sanchez & JoAnne

Dr. Sanchez

Dr. Solis ... we all think she always has the cutiest scrub hats...
Dr. Sanchez & Jamie

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BeliteWeight Team

This weekend we took a photo of the BeliteWeight Team! So now you can put a name to the faces of all our patient facilitators and administration when you talk to any of us. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Don't Wait BeliteWeight!
Front Row (left to right): Nadia, Joyce, Ishi, Sharon and Sa
Top Row (left to right): Teri, JoAnne, Melissa, Jamie, Amy and Sylvia

Friday, September 2, 2011

Give Thanks This Labor Day Weekend

When we count our many blessings, 
It isn't hard to see, 
That life's most valued treasures, 
Are treasures that are free. 

For it isn't what we own or buy, 
That signifies our wealth,
It's the special gifts that have no price:
Our Family, friends, and health. 


Here is Amy holding the "Give Thanks" Plaque that hangs in JoAnne's office.

At BeliteWeight we are SO thankful for all of our treasures (YOU!) we would not be here today if it was not for the amazing patients and their families, administration/staff, and doctors.
We are always here for you and as you start on this three-day weekend, we hope you remember the special gifts in your life.

Lots of Love.